Greg Keating, Managing Partner 206 Restaurant Group

"We, at 206 Restaurant Group, have partnered with the ​team at ARI regularly over the past 5 years. ARI has aided in the design phase of new restaurant development in our projects at Ale House, Columbia, Park Tavern, Severna Park, and now Five & Dime in Hampden. They have helped to unite disciplines ranging from subcontractors to hood installation. They have provided an array of contacts that have proved useful throughout both the design and build-out phases. The attention to detail provided on the equipment sales side has helped us to make the most of the restaurant spaces provided and efficiently manage our budgets. Additionally, their service has proven invaluable in all of our restaurant properties, as well as our production brewery. They have remained honest, transparent, and detail oriented in every respect. Beyond the work itself, the team at ARI have shown themselves to be more than capable at preventing and solving many challenges over the years. It is for this reason, and many more, that they are our dealer and service provider of choice." – Greg Keating, Managing Partner, 206 Restaurant Group