Jeffrey F. Abramson, Abramson Construction Corporation

“Our firm has worked with Arbutus Refrigeration since 2003 when we purchased food service equipment for the remodeling of the cafeteria at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Bases on that high profile experience, we have continued to call on ARI to provide us with the proactive quality service that has made them one of our “go to” subcontractors. It is rare to find a vendor with their abilities and commitment for excellent quality workmanship who also provide meaningful value engineering to meet budget constraints without compromising the quality of a project. Arbutus Refrigeration has consistently shown their willingness to work as part of a team to ensure the successful completion of projects without regard to the monetary value of their contract. We would highly recommend Arbutus Refrigeration as both a Food Service equipment vendor and Refrigeration subcontractor. We do not often make recommendations of this nature, but ARI has time and time again exceeded our expectations as a partner in constructing many of our most successful projects.” —Jeffrey F. Abramson, Abramson Construction Corporation