ROUGE Fine Catering

"At ROUGE, we have been buying restaurant equipment and have had our facility serviced by ARI for quite a long time. After 30 years and several millions dollars spent in equipment, I can say ARI has been one of the rare companies that has been able to maintain competitive prices and great sales service throughout these game changing years. We aggressively bid our equipment and it has been a rarity for Heather, our sales rep, to lose the jobs to the competition. As far as service, we all know the landscape of those servicing companies has changed quite a bit over the course of the years. Somehow ARI has been able to maintain an above average and a truly skilled professional crew to respond to our service calls. ARI just recently finished to install a very large cooler, in a difficult area with limitations in height and they have excel with a very creative plan to deliver this highly skilled job. They will be our prime service supplier for the many years to come." — Jonathan Soudry, Chef/Owner, ROUGE Fine Catering